Monday, April 02, 2007

March 26, 2007 through March 31, 2007 Recap

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. I thought I was busy before, ugh, some things have changed which increased my work load even more. I now have a few assistants to help me with track meets. I really need the help as it's impossible for one person to cover a track meet so the coverage has been greatly expanded. Of course, that means that I have many more photos to process now. It is currently 3pm on Monday and I still have 3 galleries to go from Saturday. I need to think about this when I get a chance.

Last week I covered the following events:

Tuesday - JV Baseball vs Maryknoll - 9-2 win
Wednesday - Int Black Baseball vs St. Louis - Great comeback for an 8-7 win

Thursday -

1. Varsity Girls Tennis vs Punahou - 5-0 loss to the always formidable Puns
2. JV Baseball vs Pac-5 - A roller coaster, fun game that ends in a win, 6-5

Friday - Intermediate Track and Field Meet held at Iolani (with official results)
Saturday - JV/Varsity Track and Field Meet held at Iolani (with official results)

All the above events are covered with photos and stories at

I'm still working on my schedule for this week, but I can say, if all goes well, I will be covering the Var II and Var I Girls Basketball games on Tuesday, along with the Intermediate ILH Championships on Thursday and Saturday, and the JV/Varsity Track meet on Saturday. I was hoping to do the girls basketball games at Kamehameha on Wednesday but that isn't going to work out, sorry.

Last week I announced that I would be doing cropping on all photo orders, free of charge. I also will do some photo retouching in certain instances. For example, I had an order today where the photo, although good in all other ways, was tilted a bit to the right. This is an easy fix using photoshop, so I modified the original and replaced it in the customer's order. You may still do your own cropping, actually, I prefer you do. But, if I see an order where there is no cropping done, I will assume that the customer isn't aware that they can crop or just didn't want to try. Those are the orders I will concentrate on, but I will look at every photo purchased and will make improvements if they are needed.

New Product Announcement!

I have had many requests to do end of season team slide shows. But, except for teams that my kids were on, I've always declined them because they were just too much work and I couldn't offer them in a way that made business sense for the team and me. I now have acquired a new product that allows me to create slide shows much more quickly and the final product is really nice. I do believe that I can offer slide shows now that will be affordable. So, if you want me to create a slide show using my photos (or yours if you want to add some), please let me know. My price will be based on how extensive a slide show you want (length, number of photos, text, etc.).

That's all for now.