Friday, August 22, 2008

2008 Cross Country Around The Corner

Hi running fans,

Coach Al here. Yes, I've been very derelict in updating this blog. I've had a good excuse though as I've been having health issues. Unfortunately, they are not over yet, although I hope that they will be over soon. I "may" do some updates on this blog, but I'm not making any promises as I really need to stick to my business as I have a limited amount of energy these days.

BUT, I will post articles of interest from anyone who wants to post something. What follows is a prediction for the upcoming girls XC season. IT IS NOT MY OPINION, I'm just the messenger. I may agree with parts of it but I'm not saying. Like last year, I'm too close to the Iolani girls team and don't feel it is right for me to publicize my thoughts.

So, without further ado, the first blog post in quite a long time:

FROM ANONYMOUS (not the same Anonymous as last year):

It might be a tad premature to label the 2008 girls' cross-country season as "The Year of the Transfer", but it is interesting to note that three of the better teams in the state -- including two of the finer squads -- are beneficiaries of school-to-school movement during the off-season. The biggest transfer would have to be Sara Clapp of Kaiser. Clapp exploded onto the Hawaii running scene last track season claiming the 3000 meter state title with a time of 10:30:82, then coming in 6th in the 3000 meters in 10:36 at the National Junior Olympics Final.

The next big move sees Kimberly Pugliese going from Iolani School to Mililani High. Iolani added Breanne Ball 2 years ago and who dominated the intermediate scene in 2007. She is now in 9th grade. Seabury Hall picked up an age group runner via Newport Beach, California by the name of Gracie Peck to help out an already strong squad. Keep in mind that girls' preseason team rankings are infinitely trickier to forecast thanks to the common arrival of 'impact' freshman, as well as the physical maturation the female athlete often experiences at this level of their running careers. I'm only going to rank the top 5 teams based on last year's performers, who they have from last year and who they gained. This list is subject to change.

1. Iolani
2. Seabury Hall
3. Punahou
4. Mililani
5. Leilehua

On the individual side I'm going to list the top 10 girls. Please keep in mind that the order is subject to change at any time just like last season. I based the order on last years CC and track finishes.

1. Bailey Massenburg 12 King Kekaulike
2. Sara Clapp 11 Kaiser
3.Haley Abing 12 La Pietra
4.Kristin Ali Keith 11 Mililani
5. Hailey Grossman 11 Seabury Hall
6.Jenna Wong 11 Iolani
7. Maile Scarpino 12 Iolani
8. Chaylene Guinto 10 St. Francis
9. Savannah Lowrie 12 Leilehua
10. Lea Lundblad. 10 Seabury Hall